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Upstate Travelers...What’s In Your Bag?

Date: June 14, 2013

Greer, SC – Firearms, ammunition, firearm parts and realist replicas of fire arms are prohibited in carry-on bags when traveling by air from any of the Nation’s airports. Since January, at least one dozen Upstate travelers have already forgotten this rule and arrived at GSP bearing arms.

A look inside the evidence room at GSP International will reveal a couple of Smith & Wesson’s, a Sterling .22, a Kel-Tec .380 and a number of other guns along with more than 100 rounds ammunition taken from ordinary citizens who were unaware that these items were tucked away inside their carry-ons.

GSP Police Chief Bobby Welborn warns that this simple act of forgetfulness could ruin a great vacation and wind up costing passengers thousands of dollars in fines. “If there is a gun in your bag, TSA will find it and the GSP Police will respond. Passengers are reminded to thoroughly check your bag before you pack your bag.”