Airport Planning Documents

Get to Know GSP

Since it opened in 1962, GSP International Airport has consistently maintained a focus on its mission to advance the economic prosperity of the region by providing a safe, convenient, user-friendly, and cost-competitive air transportation system connecting the region with the nation and world.

As the region evolves and as the aviation industry changes, GSP continually looks to the future and finds new ways to ensure the future growth and success of our mission. 

FAA Airport Master Plan
 Master Plan Index
 1. Master Plan Introduction  7. General Aviation System
 2. Existing Setting  8. Cargo System
 3. Development Concept  9. Support Facilities System
 4. Traffic Projections  10. Commercial Development System
 5. Airfield System  11. Ground Access System
 6. Passenger System  12. Phasing
Landscape Master Plan
 Landscape Master Plan - Final Report  Appendix 6.6 Approved Plant List
 Appendix 6.7 Prohibited Plant List  
Strategic Business Plan
 GSP Strategic Business Plan
Terminal Area Study
 Final Report