Passenger News Release August 2016

Greer, SC – For the first time in its 54-year history, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District has welcomed over one million arriving passengers. Comparing the past 12 months with same 12-month period in 2015, GSP has exceeded one million arriving passengers for the past three months. Below are the actual comparisons.

May 2015
Enplanements 952,086
Deplanements 938,989
May 2016
Enplanements 1,000,848
Deplanements 992,005
June 2015
Enplanements 951,148
June 2016
Enplanements 1,002,355
Deplanements 991,986
July 2015
Enplanements 953,380
Deplanements 944,055
July 2016
Enplanements 1,001,160
Deplanements 987,204

“We’ve been seeing solid growth trends from our airline partners and so this major milestone is great news for the region and for the airport. It’s an indication that the GSP Airport District and its airline partners are delivering the right environment with the right service at the right price,” said Dave Edwards, President/CEO of the GSP Airport District.

In addition to these historic passenger numbers, GSP officials report that WINGSPAN, the District’s $125,000,000 terminal renovation program, is nearing completion. Since the beginning of the summer travel season, the new ticket lobby has opened along with the new centralized passenger screening checkpoint and the new automated exit lanes. Work continues on the second floor Grand Hall area and the Airside Garden area. Both areas are expected to open prior to the end of the year.

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