Travel Tips

Traveler Information


Carry-on Items All essential items, such as medications and important travel documents, should be included in your carry-on items. Liquids and gels must be in 3-ounce containers or less and carried in a one-quart zip-top bag. 

Checked Luggage Contact your airline for bag allowance and weight and size restrictions. Charges may apply.

What Can I Bring  Visit TSA's website for a list of permitted and prohibitted items.  Carefully review regulations for traveling with firearms.


Identification Children under the age of 18 traveling within the United States are not required to have government-issued photo identification.

Contact your airline regarding requirements traveling minors. Airline policies vary.

Unaccompanied Minors  Parents or guardians who want to escort a child to or from the gate must obtain a gate pass from the airline. Gate passes are issued at the sole discretion of the airline. Please be prepared to provide government-issued photo identification. For more information, contact your airline.

Security Checkpoint Screening Children 12 and under may leave their shoes on when going through the security checkpoint.

Family Restrooms and Nursing Rooms Family restrooms are located near gates A3 and B4, airline ticket lobby and baggage claim. The nursing rooms are located next to the family restrooms on Concourse A and Concourse B. The nursing rooms are equipped with a sink, easily accessible electrical outlets, soft lighting and comfortable seating. Mothers get privacy and comfort while pumping or breastfeeding.


Per Airport District policy, all animals, including pets and emotional support animals, must be in a carrier while in the terminal building. The exception to the policy is service animals. Please contact your airline and connecting/destination airport(s) for their pet policies.

Designated pet relief areas are located in front of Garage A.  Please see an airline representative for airside pet relief locations. 

GSP adheres to regulations stipulated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Department of Justice has a helpful page for additional information.


When traveling with a large group, please allow extra time to get through check-in and security. Large groups should check-in with the airline carriers about any special procedures.