Commissioned Art Series

The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District initiated a program for the selection, commissioning and installation of art to complement the renovations and improvements completed as a part of WINGSPAN. The art includes two-dimensional artwork and three-dimensional sculptures.

All of the art focuses on one or more of three themes including textiles, technology and/or water. Each piece creates a sense of place that celebrates where we've come from, where we're going and where we live.


  • Waterfallof_Light_2.jpg

Waterfall of Light

This piece occupies a space inside of the water fountain located on the north end of the terminal, on the first floor. It was created by New York sculptor Dimitar Lukanov. The sculpture stands 19 feet tall and embodies an upward sequence of 250 light-filled filigree steel elements and 300 feet of bent steel tubing.

  • Exotic_Birds_Panel_1.jpg
  • Ode_to_the_Great_Carolina_Wren_Panel_2.jpg

Ode to the Great Carolina Wren and Exotic Birds

These pieces were created by California artist Arthur Stern. Both pieces have 10 panels each with five panels on display above each of the four elevators located in the ticket lobby. Each is backlit by LED lighting and feature reflective dichroic glass that changes color depending on your viewing position. “Exotic Birds” is located on the south end of the terminal near baggage claim and “Ode to the Great Carolina Wren” is located on the north end of the terminal near the Conference Center.

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  • Thread.jpg


Once passengers go up the escalators and head to the TSA security checkpoint, they will notice more glass art on each side of the checkpoint. This piece created by artists Amy Baur and Brian Boldon is on the left. This piece features six glass panels designed to tell the story of the Upstate’s textile history. The 30-foot-long and 8-foot-high piece of art has many layers, small details and slow-to-find gems that seem to appear the longer one looks at the piece.

  • Souvenir_of_a_Mountain_Garden_Resized.jpg

Souvenir of a Mountain Garden

This piece created by artist Michael Krondl is on the right of the security checkpoint. Krondl took photographs of regionally grown rhododendrons, then digitally manipulated the photos to create a large-scale image. The idea was inspired by early twentieth-century hand-colored postcards. The image is a photographic rendering of mountain blossoms shot in the nearby Smoky Mountains.

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  • River_Bank_Resized_3.jpg
  • Autumn_at_Table_Rock_Resized.jpg

River Bank and Autumn at Table Rock

New Mexico artist Joan Weissman created two unique terrazzo tile pieces for GSP International Airport. “River Bank” can be found on the second floor near the escalator on the A-side of the terminal. “Autumn at Table Rock” can be found on the second floor near the escalator on the B-side of the terminal. Both pieces incorporate chips of marble, granite, glass, shell and quartz, all held together by colored cement or epoxy.

  • South_Carolina_Quilt.jpg

South Carolina Quilt

New Mexico artist Evelyn Rosenburg created this three panel metal piece. The artwork was uniquely created using a process Rosenburg calls detonography. Detonography includes the use of a stencil, a sheet of metal and dynamite. The patches in “South Carolina Quilt” pay homage to the Palmetto State with images of the state flag, the state bird and other South Carolina symbols.

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  • Upcountry_Vistas.jpg

Upcountry Vistas

Found on Concourse B, this artwork was created by Greenville artist Melissa Anderson. The painting perfectly represents the themes GSP was looking for: where we’ve come from, where we’re going and where we live.

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  • Beyond_the_Fray_detail_resize.jpg

Beyond the Fray

Created by artist Lauren Boilini, this large oil painting on a custom aluminum panel integrates themes of water and landscape. It incorporates abstract imagery of the Blue Ridge Mountains with flocks of regional birds across the skyline and native fish in the foreground. "Beyond the Fray" is located on Concourse B.

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  • Upstate_in_Motion.jpg
  • Take_Flight___resized.JPG

Take Flight and Upstate in Motion

Visitors can see these expansive pieces by Greenville native Nancy Hilliard Joyce as they head towards airport security or as they exit through the security gates upon arrival at GSP. Both pieces incorporate oil, acrylic, ink, glass, glitter, gold and silver leaf. As you pass by these pieces the colors change and undulate with the light, reflecting a piece that seems to be in constant motion. The artist wanted to pay homage to cycling, a distinctive characteristic of the area's culture and community.

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  • Sunset_on_Lake_Keowee_detail___resized_.JPG

Sunset Sail on Lake Keowee

This piece by artist Nancy Oppenheimer depicts a sunset sail on Lake Keowee with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. It is meant to invoke feelings of peacefulness, serenity and a sense of home. The 5 feet by 14 feet canvas is located on Concourse A.

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  • Cascade_detail___resized_.jpg


The bright, colorful mosaic created by artist Scott Parson is located on Concourse A. The design is comprised of Venetian glass smalti, Italian glass, marble, granite and digitally printed glass and ceramic elements. The artist worked closely with the world-class mosaic studio of Franz Mayer in Munich, Germany.

  • Frequent_Flyers__2_.jpg

Frequent Flyers

"Frequent Flyers" by Judy Verhoeven is a five-panel paper collage created from painted recycled papers. Each panel has one or two letters that come together to spell WELCOME as a way of greeting visitors or as a homecoming for those that have been away. The piece is located on Concourse B.

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  • pano_baggage_claim___resized_.jpg

Weaving the World

Daniel Goldstein's "Weaving the World" celebrates the interweaving of the resources of the area. The artist found forward motion as a commonality in the three themes of where we've come from, where we live and where we are going. The themes are incorporated into a moving mural located above baggage claim.


Meet The Artists

GSP Airport District commissioned seven artists to create nine art pieces that helped the airport come to life. Listen to the artists and their vision of how each creation came about.

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