GSP Firefighters Train to Save Lives

GSP Firefighters Train to Save Lives

Greer, SC – Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport Firefighters are staying on top of their skills with continuous training. This week firefighters are learning how save a fellow firefighter who may become trapped and is in need of rescuing. Rapid Intervention Training or RIT teaches fire crews how to recover quickly in critical moments.

Video Opportunities:

  • Fire crews will create a staged scenario of a firefighter down and needing to get out of a burning building. Fire crews will demonstrate their techniques to successfully rescue a fallen firefighter.
  • Opportunity to interview the fire captain who is leading the training.

Fire crews plan to train today at 2:00 pm. If you would like to attend the training, we ask that you arrive at Cerulean Aviation’s FBO Terminal at 1:45pm. Cerulean is located at 2102 GSP Drive. This is not the same location as the main terminal. You will need to be escorted inside a gate in order to gain access to this training.

For more information please contact the GSP Communications Department at the numbers listed above.