GSP Partners With Senator International

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Greenville Spartanburg (GSP) International Airport and Senator International are proud to announce the first international cargo flight service handled by Cerulean Aviation. Senator International, a German-based freight forwarder, is partnering with GSP International Airport to secure a long-term schedule of air cargo service. Senator will provide a shipment of cargo from various businesses in Germany to GSP every Saturday and Wednesday. Then the Cerulean Aviation grounds crews will oversee the unloading of the shipment, allowing GSP Airport to be the gateway connecting various companies in the United States to companies in Germany. This is the first of many services that will take place under GSP’s newest FBO brand Cerulean Aviation.

Please join us on Saturday, November 5th, as we celebrate the arrival of the first flight from Germany. You will also get the opportunity to view the operations of an air cargo flight. The event starts 4:30p.m at the South Cargo Building, 1900 GSP Drive.

If you are interested in covering the inaugural cargo flight at GSP International Airport, please contact VP of Communications Rosylin Weston or Public Relations Specialist Courtney Gee.